Robert Paduchik in the News

Robert Paduchik in the News

Bob's Opinion Pieces

- Morning Journal | April 4, 2022

“He has worked tirelessly and at great personal expense to elect Republican candidates, including President Donald J. Trump both in 2016 and in 2020. His integrity is without question, and he will be completely vindicated.”

- Columbus Dispatch | March 31, 2022

“If Brunner cannot stomach political critics, she should consider another profession”

- Toledo Blade | November 19, 2021

“The Biden-Harris Administration’s obsession with destructive Green New Deal energy policies is raising the cost of energy for American workers to historic levels.”

- Columbus Dispatch | September 24, 2021

Russo hopes she can masquerade her political philosophy to evade the ire of the extreme wing of the Democrat party.

- | May 26, 2021

“On his first day in office as president, Biden signed an executive order that halted construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. With the stroke of a pen, Biden eliminated thousands of jobs, many of them unionized.”

- Delaware Gazette | April 25, 2020

“President Trump, however, was confident that pro-growth policies such as broad-based tax cuts and smart deregulation would unleash the pent-up potential of the U.S. economy and generate unprecedented prosperity for all Americans.”

- Delaware Gazette | March 14, 2020

“The Democrats keep promising to “fix” our health care system, but they’re too late — President Trump’s policies are already making health care considerably more affordable, accessible, and effective.”

- Canton Repository | December 27, 2019

“Ohio voters made the right choice when they backed Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election — thanks to the president’s pro-growth economic policies, local businesses are hiring and expanding at a prodigious pace, encouraging major investors to pour even more money into the Buckeye State.”

- TownHall | September 2, 2019

“Since the beginning of the organized labor movement, the American worker has been fighting to secure ever greater prosperity, workplace rights, and opportunities. With President Trump, working men and women finally have a genuine ally in the White House helping to advance their cause.”

- Delaware Gazette | May 18, 2019

“Joe Biden’s decades in the U.S. Senate and eight years in the White House as Barack Obama’s vice president have left him desperately trying to rediscover his working-class roots. “Lunchbox Joe” hasn’t a clue what life is like for working families in Ohio.”

- Townhall | October 18, 2018

“As the nation struggles to come to grips with the opioid crisis and all of the families impacted by this lethal threat, Democrats in Ohio are more concerned with wooing the support of the drug dealer lobby.”

- | September 14, 2018

“Senator Sherrod Brown’s declared opposition to Judge Brett Kavanaugh is a confirmation that he’s not right for Ohio.”

- The Delaware Gazette | August 1, 2018

“Joe Biden’s decades in the U.S. Senate and eight years in the White House as Barack Obama’s vice president have left him desperately trying to rediscover his working-class roots. “Lunchbox Joe” hasn’t a clue what life is like for working families in Ohio.”

Bob On the Radio

- May 6, 2022

- Brandon Boxer | April 21, 2022

Bob talks about Former President Trump’s visit to Ohio on Saturday and what we can expect

- The Mark Blazor Show | March 22, 2022

- Brandon Boxer | February 17, 2022

Bob Paduchik- GOP Chairman for Ohio- Biden coming to Ohio to talk Infrastructure?! How about inflation or massive Government spending?!

- Brandon Boxer | November 28, 2021

Bob gives his opinion on why the Democrats continue to push a bill that has already passed and what Republicans need to do to win in 2022

- On Target | November 26, 2021

On this weeks episode of On Target, Eric and the guys are joined by a number of guests. Guests including Bob Paduchik, Ohio Chairman for the Republican Party, Former NYC Police Commissioner Bernie Carrick , and Jane Timken who is running for US Senate.

- Brandon Boxer | October 27, 2021

- Bill Cunningham | July 20, 2021

Willie discusses the upcoming big elections for the Ohio Republican Party with Ohio GOP Chairman Bob Paduchik.

- June 16, 2021

The new chairman of the Ohio GOP Robert Paduchik discusses his priorities and strategies for the Republican party in the state.

- Brandon Boxer | May 25, 2021

- High Heels and Politics | May 1, 2021

- Brandon Boxer | April 13, 2021

- April 13, 2021

After reflecting on his particularly intense exchange with Dan Bongino, Geraldo and Erica weigh in on the recent officer-involved incidents along with the news that we will be pausing the use of the Johnson & Johnson covid vaccine. Ohio State GOP Chair Bob Paduchik joins the program.

- Bloomdaddy On Demand | March 23, 2021

- The Mark Blazor Show | March 1, 2021

- Bloomdaddy On Demand | October 20, 2020

- October 19, 2020

Where is the computer? Is it Hunter Biden’s? The Democratic candidate for President would have an easier time in the waning days of the election if he could answer those questions. Bob Paduchik from the Trump campaign joins the program.

- The Scott Sands Show | September 22, 2020

- September 14, 2020

Two LA Sheriff’s Deputies shot at point-blank range is bad enough, but protesters preventing first responders from treating them is grotesque. Geraldo talks with Judge Jeanine Pirro about her new book and Trump 2020 advisor Bob Paduchik stops by to talk about the Vice President’s upcoming visit to Northeast Ohio.

- The Scott Sands Show | August 19, 2020

- The Scott Sands Show | July 9, 2020

- The Scott Sands Show | April 6, 2020

Senior Trump/Pence Strategist Bob Paduchik updates us on the campaign now that Joe Biden has become the Democrats’ presumptive nominee.

- The Scott Sands Show | November 18, 2018

- October 17, 2018

- The Scott Sands Show | August 16, 2018

- The Scott Sands Show | August 8, 2018

- Justice & Drew | August 2, 2018

RNC Spokesperson Bob Paduchik joins Justice and Drew to discuss Trump’s political muscle, current events in the administration, and more.

- The Vince Coglianese Show | February 22, 2018

INTERVIEW – BOB PADUCHICK – Co-Chair of the Republican National Committee – discussed the importance of conservatism in the Republican Party, electoral outlook for the 2018 midterms, and the role of the economy in the popularity of the President

- Terry Meiners | February 21, 2018

Bob Paduchik, the Co-Chair of the RNC, said there is “no chance” the Democrats have resurgence in 2018. Tax reform, a booming economy, and ISIS being “nearly destroyed” will carry the Republican Party in the next election cycle. He also talked about school shootings, the possibility of increased background checks, the infrastructure package, and more.

- Justice & Drew | February 7, 2018

Justice and Drew discuss a high school cancelling musical after white student landed a lead role, Duluth schools banning books, and a conservative speaking event at the U being relegated to a remote venue over protest fears. Later, they’re joined by RNC Co-Chair Bob Paduchik.

- The Steven Solomon Show | January 11, 2018

Michael Wolff’s book, Fire and Fury, has rocketed to the top of Amazon’s best-selling list, but is it truthful? Guests: Paris Dennard, CNN & NPR commentator; Bob Paduchik, RNC Co-Chair.

- December 21, 2017

RNC co-chair Bob Paduchik joined discussing the GOP passing their tax plan.

- Justice & Drew | November 2, 2017

Justice and Drew kick off the second hour of the show talking about the Minneapolis mayoral race and all the money pouring into it. Later, they’re joined by RNC Co-Chair Bob Paduchik to talk tax reform.

- WOWO | October 5, 2017

FWMN 10/05/2017, Interview with the RNC Co-Chair

- Newsmaker Interviews | April 26, 2017

WILK’s Sue Henry talks with Bob Paduchik RNC Co-Chair